Version 1.2.2 - 15.01.2020 


  • Fixed error message "Trial Period is over" from FSMap gauge

 Download available via the online shop order history 

Simply apply the update by unpacking it to your FSMap installation folder and overwrite all existing files.
Important Note: Under Windows 7++ make sure you have administrative rights when unpacking the archive to the FSMap installation folder.


 Version 1.2.1 - 19.05.2010 


  • Added an option that allows to select the graphic mode: Direct2D, GDI+ or GDI
    (solves problems with Direct2D on some older and incompatible graphic cards)
  • Fixed map coverage not shown
  • Added an option to show/hide inactive maps on the coverage display

 Version 1.2 - 09.12.2009 


  • Added support for Windows 7 (Jump List, etc.)
  • Added option to inverse the mouse wheel zoom direction
  • The load map for position feature now cycles through the available maps instead of using the only the first map found
  • Added FS2002 flight plan saving
  • Fixed aircraft panel configuration detection in the gauge manager
  • Fixed moving map focus handling when switching applications

 Version 1.1 - 16.03.2009 


  • Added airport, navaid and city overlays to the moving map and the gauge
  • Added basic VFR flight plan editor
  • Added heading and distance measuring tool
  • Added right click context menu to moving map with some additional tools
  • Added an option to change the aircraft symbol on the moving map
  • Most colors of the moving map can now be changed and saved in themes
  • Font size for messages and TCAS altitude captions can be changed
  • Font size for map item labels can be changed
  • Informational text overlay now automatically refreshes in flight
  • Fixed several issues with the navigation database creation process
  • Fixed airport details page on the informational overlay did not stay selected and the gauge reverted to the first text page while in flight
  • Fixed possible crash if a runway has been defined for an airport with a length and/or width of zero feet
  • Fixed several minor GUI problems in the gauge manager
  • Fixed Helicopter traffic not displayed under FSX
  • Fixed VATSIM data feed status URL

 Version 1.0.2 - 11.02.2008 


  • Fixed possible crash in FS2004 multi-player sessions
  • Frame not always drawn by FS after opening a popup/zoom panel window containing the Gauge
  • Added Map coverage display in the Map manager
  • Added import support for the XML calibration file format of Sim Systems (used by FSWidgets and FSFlightMax)
  • Added helicopter aircraft symbol option to the Gauge
  • Added ILS course to the Airport information in the Gauge

 Version 1.0.1 - 26.01.2008 


  • Updated VATSIM FIR data
  • Registration key could not be manually entered
  • FSMap now automatically installs a required DLL for FS2004 (TrafficInfo.dll), if the file can not be found
  • FS crashed on loading the Gauge on some systems
  • CPU/Core assignment for the external application
  • Alternate map drawing method that can improve performance but with very low image quality and more memory usage
  • Map priority not automatically calculated when importing JGW, TFW or GFW files
  • New combo box in the Gauge properties dialog that allows to select previous saved configuration names
  • Map manager now shows image dimensions and color depth
  • Map priority can now be set for a region
  • Gauge Airport Information displayed wrong elevation
  • Navigation database can now be used on a remote machine after copying the database from the FS machine ("...\Local Settings\Application Data\FSMap\1.0\*.dat")

 Version 1.0 - 16.01.2008 

Initial Release